Building on the remarkable legacy of John and Joyce Weir, as the next generation of WeirMerrill Associates, we now offer you an enriched approach to self-differentiation designed for a 21st century world. This expanded design, built on a foundation of the Weir’s insights and teachings, now also incorporates perspectives and practices that expose the value of both visible and invisible differences, underscore the reality of personal and political interdependence, and integrate important lessons from complementary world views, including homeopathy, traditional acupuncture and the Tarot system.

Why Self-Differentiation, and Why Now?

The 21st century is not for the faint of heart. Living now and living well require everything we have, and we will be tested in unexpected ways. We have to accept the truth that we live in a great polarity—alone with others. We make up our reality—and we share it. Nowadays, to step fully into our own personal power and to achieve our personal life mission, we must also live generously and compassionately as citizens in a turbulent, complex world.

Balancing gracefully on the tight wire between the personal and the political requires us to consciously use our inner resources as never before, and this means we must be curious and courageous enough to invest in our own development.

MerrillWeir Associates believe that individual development represents the interplay between personal choice and the spontaneous process of genetic unfolding, biological maturation, and personal destiny. Fortunately, we may also choose to amplify the arc of our personal development. How? With a conscious commitment to explore and expand the self in relation to the world. The more we know about the individual self, the more we have to offer to the world and the more we can achieve. This is the path of self-differentiation.

Once again, this is our choice. We can choose either to welcome or avoid new experience, to seek or block self-understanding, to pursue or ignore self-differentiation.

Our Invitation to You . . .

Making the bold, intentional choice—the path of individuation—means having the nerve to risk rejection, to experience failure, and to tolerate ambiguity. During a life journey, we struggle with creative and destructive energies, the laws of nature, and our inherent feminine and masculine qualities. Finding the right path is difficult, and developing our inner resources is an arduous challenge.

This new workshop offers you an unparalleled opportunity: to use a time-tested, newly-reinforced container to deepen your conscious connection to unconscious psychological and physiological processes.

For instance, to create a map for our inner journeys, we’ll integrate a familiar sequence of holistic activities, including:
• Reviewing self-differentiation theory and the Percept Orientation,
• Practicing Percept Language, a tool for clarifying personal accountability and projection developed by John and Joyce Weir.
• Engaging our physical intelligence with full-bodied learning.
• Exploring a range of complementary health philosophies and practices.
• Working deeply and creatively with dreams, images, and symbols,

And, looking outward, we will also engage our differences fully as a community to confront the inner and outer faces of a key polarity—our potential for both oppression and liberation. How does a differentiated self act with integrity and responsibility in a self-constructed, yet interdependent reality?

So here in 2009, together we’ll create a new understanding of self-differentiation. And here, most importantly, you can build bridges between what you’ll learn and the rest of your life. If you’re curious, please contact us with your questions for a deeper conversation. If you’re courageous, please join us in September 2009 for an appointment with your own destiny!

Fee: $2900
Non-refundable deposit of $450 holds your place.
Contact us or www.hopespringsinstitute.com.

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