This is a three DVD set entitled "A Day with John and Joyce Weir".

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In the summer of 1991 when Joyce and John were here in Maine, we 6 good friends decided to create a video that would capture the essence of Joyce and John's teachings at a Self Differentiation Lab. This dvd is the transcription of that video. We are happy to sell it here on our MerrillWeir website as a tribute to our teachers and in the hopes of sharing their wonderful work more widely.

It was high summer that year when we gathered for several days at the Merrill's camp in Warren, Maine. We lived together for several days and filmed this piece - with the help of the videographers from Blue SKy Productions in Philadelphia, Alan Kobernick.

Here you see John and Joyce at their best, in their brilliant teacher selves. The rest of us, Alexandra and Michael, Marv and Dorothy participate in the film as if participants in the lab with Alexandra in the interviewer position as well.

Since those days and this lovely film, both John and MIchael have died, Joyce is in her last chapter of her life, Marv and Dotty are thriving in their lives. Alexandra and Wendy Robin Weir are carrying on the tradition of these excellent learning experiences by teaching the next chapter of them with 2 colleagues, Rita Andrews and Peter Norlin who completed the Three Year Self-Diff Training program.

We look forward to hearing from you as you view the film and meeting you when you join us at the sequel to that great tradition. Come on back to the SelfDiff Lab!

Or come on in for the first time and enjoy this excellent individual development work as it continues to help us be more fully who we are!

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